Alexey Golovin
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- Biography -

Artist Alexey Golovin.

On June, 26th, 1977 was born in Leningrad. Russia.

Alexey Golovin fine art education (1992-2006) belongs to the acclaimed Russian-European Academic School of art. He is a third generation direct descendant student of the world famous Masters: I. Repin, V. Serov, K. Korovin, and V. Favorskiy. They taught D. Kardovskiy, I. Grabar, A. Deineka, S. Gerasimov, renowned artists who taught Mr.Golovin professors. Golovin studied directly under A.Mylnikov, A.Bystrov, V.Pesikov and other distinguished artists and professors of Fine Art.
2000 – The decision of Presidium of the Russian Academy of arts from May, 29th, 2000 it is awarded by a medal «For successes in study».
2007 – It is awarded by a medal of "250 years of the Russian academy of arts».
2009 - it is awarded by an anniversary medal "Union of Russian Artists-75years".

The Russian Academy of Arts

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